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The School for Ethical Education (SEE) has compiled this list of activities to assist in building character in the classroom. All activity files are downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF documents and contain a student worksheet and facilitator instructions. In order to view or print the files, you must have the free Adobe Acrobat plug-in installed on your computer. If you do not have Acrobat on your computer, you can download and install it from Adobe's web site.  If you use any of these activities, SEE respectfully seeks you cite The School for Ethical Eucation.

Reasoning with Ethics is linked here and provides a free subscription service to weekly school year ethics blog to help support class discussions  or essay assignments (Grades 5-12) with a focus on students’ use of core values to analyze cases.

SEE’s Laws of Life essay writing program is linked here and supports the following lesson plans for students to write a Laws of Life Essay.  While SEE only administers the project for Connecticut teachers, those outside of Connecticut may use these lesson plans and other resources to administer their own Laws of Life essay program.

To Kill a Mockingbird  Unit Lesson to lead to Laws of Life essay.
To Kill a Mockingbird  Worksheets to support the Unit Lesson. 
The Great Gatsby lesson to create a Laws of Life essay. 
Holes lesson from the novel to create a Laws of Life essay

SEE’s Academic Integrity PSA Contest is linked here to support duplication of this project in any school that seeks to use video production to encourage academic integrity.  SEE only administers this program in Connecticut, but welcomes use of the resources on the website. 

Acting on Shared Values - A community building activity for students in Grades 4-12. In this activity students will articulate what shared values mean and look like in action with others.

Ideal Year  [PDF Icon]  [13 KB] - In this activity students will begin to articulate what the values they think are important look like in real-life action. Student will take a role in the creation of their own positive community.

Shared Values Survey  [PDF Icon] [12 KB] - In this activity students will learn the character traits and the values that they believe are important and on which they all agree. Students will create a common shared vocabulary that they will use throughout the year.

Single Act of Kindness   [28 KB] - An ethical reflection activity for elementary school students.

Harriet Tubman Didn't Take No Stuff   [31 KB] - An ethical reflection activity with discussion questions.

Credit   [10 KB] - An ethical decision making activity on service-learning for high school students.

The Lot   [11 KB] - An activity on service-learning values which can be used with 4th-12th graders.

The Struggle  - An ethical reflection activity based on a quotation by Abraham Lincoln for students in Grades 6 - 12. In this activity students will evaluate the meaning of "just" and "unjust" actions and will recognize and discuss the potential in such values as perseverance and courage. 

Heroes Out of Tragedies  - An ethical reflection activity based on the question "are there any good things that can come out of tragedies" for students in Grades 4 - 12. In this activity students will define and discuss the idea of heroes and heroism. 

Moral Discipline worksheet is linked here to help teachers and students work together to identify character-based expectations, procedures and rules.

Ten Reasons not to Cheat is an activity suggestion to catalyze student dialogue about the meaningful reasons not to cheat.


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The School for Ethical Education (SEE) teaches strategies to (K-16) educators to put ethics in action for positive character formation.