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The School for Ethical Education (SEE) teaches strategies to put ethics in action for positive student character formation. SEE’s programs help teachers provide students with opportunities to recognize ethical situations, make and prioritize an ethical judgment and demonstrate the will and skill to act on that judgment.

Ethics in action creates character

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Integrity Works! Academic Integrity Project Consulting
The Golden Compass
Decision Making
Connecticut's Laws
of Life Essay Program
(Grades 5-12)
Youth: Ethics in
Service (YES)
Service Learning
John Winthrop Wright
Ethics in Action Award

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Integrity Works! PSA Contest Registration Open

High school and college students with the sponsorship of a teacher/faculty member or recognized school club ar (read more)


Laws of Life Essay Program

SEE's Laws of Life essay program is beginning its 14th year to help students reflect, write, discuss and e (read more)

SEE Invites Connecticut Project Participation

Two of SEE's character education programs are currently recruiting project participants.  Both projects are offered freely to Connecticut schools in SEE's mission to advance ethical reflection and positive character formation. 

SEE's Laws of Life Essay program is recruiting Connecticut teachers in grades 5 to 12 to register their class(es) for this positive writing experience.  Anecdotal evidence has noted that Laws of Life helps students focus on positive values as a character education strategy with the effect of improving classroom norms at the start of a school year.  The activity is also a character-based strategy to help student reflect, discuss, draft and edit an essay that highlights core values such as respect, caring, love, honesty and perseverance.  These values are universally recognized to help individuals lead successful lives.  The application of core values to analyze characters in literature, history or life also supports Common Core Objectives for students to practice higher order thinking with the focus on character.  Click on the link above to learn more about Laws of Life.

SEE's second recruitment effort is seeking Connecticut high school and college instructors or official club sponsors to register classes or clubs to participate in our Academic Integrity PSA Contest.  The contest seeks the submission of student created PSAs in support of academic integrity.  The PSAs are to be brief, positive, creative and have been broadcast in some form within their own school community.  Students may work together in teams and our goal is to leverage the creative work of students to advance support for academic integrity within their school community.  Click on the link in this paragraph to get more details about our PSA contest.

The School for Ethical Education (SEE) teaches strategies to (K-16) educators to put ethics in action for positive character formation.